1. jho51e's Avatar
    I have searched the threads and have not found what I am after.

    I will be going to the US for 3weeks in October 2011 and would like to bring and use my unlocked Blackberry (I am from Sydney Australia).

    Is there a carrier that offers prepaid blackberry sim only plans?

    I have seen a Virgin Mobile Curve 8530 prepaid but I need to buy the phone and then the sim (was looking at the $35 per month). Can I just buy the sim? But I think Virgin is in Sprint which is CDMA which means no SIM?

    I have also seen some T-Mo plans, e.g. $80 per month, which is unlimited text and data but not sure if this includes Blackberry data.

    I mainly use BBM, email and text. And will be visiting San Diego, LA, SF and Las Vegas.

    Thanks all!
    05-16-11 10:54 PM
  2. MadMax8778's Avatar
    Simplemobile google it, they sell sim crds with plans prepaid. sim card are 12 bucks from them
    05-16-11 11:10 PM