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    i installed on my blackberry (8820 os 4.5) mgmaps and downladed the maps so i will be abl euse the gps without internet.

    the only problem now is that it keep asking me for premission to axx localy data.

    i allready turned on the firewall.

    can u help me?

    10x in advance

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    11-25-08 02:05 PM
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    Google maps (unless you are refering to mgmaps, in which case an internet connection is not required) requires a dataplan (internet), it does not store the maps locally. As for it asking for perimission go to: Options > Advanced Options > Applications and change the permissions there to allow and it won't prompt you every time.
    11-25-08 02:14 PM
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    hi man

    1.10x for the quick reply
    2. yes i meant to mgmaps
    3. i already tried it....and it not worked-when i tried to move it to allow it stayed on the regular conifg...

    can u help me?
    11-25-08 02:19 PM