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    Hey all,

    I posted this back in 2008 and came across my thread I made sometime ago....

    Sometimes it is good to reflect on the past and changes and also look forward to progression in the future.

    This is Kevin's house, and we are invited to hang out, he has the rules in place. Works best for the whole community.. The Guidelines in place should be followed the best you can, not used as an interpretation.....

    I am copying this post by the admin and posting in up here since this gets most views thru the day. The reason why this is posted here, I have written down the number of threads created till now 2,835. Now they are common simple questions. But either they are in the wrong section or the answer could have been found very simply but search the forum. Some threads have been moved and some threads have been answered. Normally when someone asks a question on here, most of us search, find the link, then post it to the respective person.....

    When asking a question regarding your device and you don't have it listed in your profile and not in your post, it doesn't help us much. When asking about a software question, try and give as much info as possible to your problem. Rather then posting "My phone is broke" or “This software is causing me problems, anyone else have problems"?

    This doesn't help out much... Besides the Admin's and Mod's we have allot of respective and high end members on the forums here, and we should be happy they are volunteering there own time to help answer questions and give suggestions, but allot has been repetitive in the past few weeks, even months. And giving very broad questions and not including pertinent info to the topic. Also when people post after someone says use the search tool, or gives an answer to the question and says they could have found the answer by searching..... And they say why people always say to use the search... I never understood their reply, and I am not sure if they understood what they wrote either...... The point is the forum has tools at our disposal, we should use them.

    Guys and Gals, I would not be posting this and writing my own descriptive opinion on the matter, but I love this place, it has taught me so much and I want to pass it on as well. But some times we all need a wake up call and pointed in the right direction.

    So a little refresher course on the rules laid out for us most active members and also those new members joining the forums. But remember to keep our house clean, that's right this is our place to hang out! We have to help also keep in organized and also well respected.

    Unfortunately this Rules/Guideline section is down at the bottom on the page and I bet most people, mostly new members have never read it. I don't recall back in the day when I joined that this was the first post that popped up for me to see and read. That may have changed. But if your interested in the forum, and you have been active on other forums, you should have the basics in forums Etiquette

    *Anyone feel this should not be placed here, please understand the point at hand.



    Crackberry Member

    The following Rules & Guidelines for making Forum Posts will help keep the CrackBerry Community a Happy, Healthy, and Functional Family of BlackBerry Users for centuries to come. When it comes to Posting Rules & Guidelines, we are not reinventing the wheel here, but are relying on proven rules used by other top forum sites on the web:

    Post in the Right Forum
    We’ve done our best to layout the forum categories so they are logical and make sense. When you are creating a new thread, do your best to get it in the right category. We want these forums to be value added and educational. The General CrackBerry Discussion and General RIM/BlackBerry Discussion are good places to post if you have a serious question but are not quite sure where to put it. These forums are less stringently moderated, while specific forums (BlackBerry 8700 Series for example) are more strictly moderated to maintain their quality and usefulness.

    And of course, we also have the Off-Topic Discussion forum. This is the place on the site to have fun and talk about whatever. From sports to the weather to what to buy your girlfriend for her birthday (buying her a new blackberry is always a good thing), anything goes in here. Just remember to keep it clean, keep it productive and keep it legal!

    Avatars, User Names, Signatures, General Posting Guidelines
    Member User Names and Avatars must be appropriate for a Public Forum of all ages. If the moderation team does not feel your Avatar or User Name is appropriate you will kindly be asked to change it (User Name will be changed to one of your choosing by Administration).

    Signatures are allowed, and may contain up to one external hyperlinkSignatures should be small and tasteful and take up 1 - 4 lines max in the default font size (the last thing we want is to look at a forum thread and see 15 big signatures that take up all of the screen real estate). Moderators will determine what is acceptable or not.

    During your posts, refrain from excessive use of colors, UPPER CASE LETTERS, and excessive use of emoticons. It is fine to express yourself using each of these means, but do so in a reasonable manner. Use common sense.

    No Advertising Policy
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    Individuals looking to Sell or Swap personally owned items (i.e. Used Unlocked AT&T BlackBerry 8700 for Sale) may post in the Buy & Sell forum.

    Please note, if individuals (not related to the company selling a product or service) post on an item that is or becomes available in the ShopCrackBerry.com store, if available for the same price or less we reserve the right to update posts to this link (gotta keep in business!).

    Cross/Double Posting
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    This refers to posting with the deliberate intention to either pad your post count or to keep a thread 'hot' so it appears at the top of the forum. Bumping can sometimes be useful, but you must wait three days from the original post to bump the thread. Only one bump is allowed per thread per user. CrackBerry.com's moderator’s reserve the right to delete useless “bumps” at their discretion.

    Make Meaningful Posts
    While CrackBerry.com is geared as much towards entertaining and connecting the Crackberry community as it is to helping solve problems and staying on top of news and rumors, all posts made within the site should be value added and on topic to the thread (even in the free for all). Hijacking a thread off-topic is a big No-No, and posts made for no reason other than to increase post count will be wiped from the site.

    Use a Descriptive Title
    This rule is simple; help us to help you. When you create your thread / post, think of it as if 'somone else' is reading it. With that in mind, make your subject lines related to the content of your post. Having a subject line of 'help' or 'now what', will not really help others later when they do a search for a particular issue. So, try to be a little more creative. Example: “My Pearl will not show myFaves icons” or “How do I use BB Maps on my 8100”

    Foul language
    Please keep posts and links family appropriate. The administrator’s and moderator’s reserve the right to delete posts at their discretion if they are deemed inappropriate or offensive. Users will be giving a warning for the first violation; any subsequent violation could result in a ban from the forum.

    Personal Attacks
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    Reporting a bad post
    There is a "Report bad post" button on the top right side of each post (red/white triangle) or you can send a PM to a moderator.

    Use the Site Search and Forum Search
    If you have a basic question that needs answering, depending on the specifics, there’s a good chance the answer might already be posted in the forums and/or elsewhere on the site. We’ve assembled a lot of the basic blackberry FAQs on the site, and with the forums growing daily there is a lot of knowledge accumulating in the database. Doing site searches before posting will help keep things efficient.

    Multiple Identities
    Only one username or account is allowed per CrackBerry member. If you have forgotten your log in information, do not create a new account, please contact us. Users found with multiple accounts will be banned.

    Keep it Legal
    No posting of Warez in the forums, such as links to download warez, instructions on "cracking" software, or "workarounds" that enable people to utilize for-pay services without paying. Posting this kind of content can result in an immediate and permanent ban. These kinds of activities can get CrackBerry.com in trouble, and nobody wants that, so just don't do it.

    A message to spammers - we have NO TOLERANCE for SPAM. Post a spam message and your account and all associated posts will immediately be deleted. No second chances. You won't get away with Spamming CrackBerry.com, so don't bother wasting your time. No link abuse, traffic leaching, advertising, ADULT content or nudity will be tolerated! To help reduce SPAM only members with at least 10 posts may post links.

    Moderation Team
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    (points to a webpage outside of CrackBerry.com), but should not be excessive in length nor contain any promotional text (enticing users to click). Traffic leaching will not be tolerated. Additional signature links are acceptable, so long as they point to pages within the CrackBerry.com site (favorite how to article, forum rules, etc.).
    04-06-11 01:08 PM
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    Thanks for the reminder John.
    04-06-11 01:37 PM
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    It has been a long time for many of us John. Always good to refresh on our guidelines. It also brings to mind this short video:

    YouTube - How%20To%20Behave%20On%20An%20Internet%20Forum avi
    04-06-11 02:23 PM
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    Good stuff brother!!!!!!!!!

    And of course I have a video also......

    04-06-11 03:54 PM
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    Well done John. A timely reminder to all.
    04-06-11 03:57 PM
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    Looking at some of the more recent posts, it had to be said again.

    Well done John.
    04-06-11 05:16 PM
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    Front page it. Put it in every forum like 20'000 times. That'll drill the message home!
    04-06-11 05:24 PM
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    Thank you!!

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    04-06-11 05:46 PM
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    This should be in every forum! Grant it the rules are posted on the site but it some times takes being posted like this for most members to see.

    I hope this doesn't just inform the new comers but refreshes the memory of those that have been a member for some time now

    After re-reading the rules I noted some rules I even broke during my time here and I will make a conscious effort not to do that again.

    Thanks John

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    04-06-11 08:34 PM