07-02-12 01:28 PM
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    As a developer, I think it's delusional to be writing BB10 apps right now unless RIM is paying you to do so. There are millions of mobile devices that can run your application today if you choose iOS, Android, WP, or even BB7. Working for the next 6-9 months on a BB10 app in the hopes that a market will appear is a gamble. Even if that market does appear, it's unlikely to be large from day one. The payoff for a BB10 developer is small for a long timeline.
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    07-02-12 10:15 AM
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    You're right -- it is speculation, but I happen to feel confident in my speculation. Why? Because I'm a technology journalist. I talk to companies on-record, off-record, on-background every single day.

    I'd had several reports from sources I trust that BB10 was going to be delayed until next year starting in early June. Then, at BB Jam, I had people tell me that the delay was happening -- I was told this in an off-record capacity. It was for that reason that I asked dev relations on-the-record. I said straight-up, this is what I'm hearing -- what's the situation? I was lied to. Period.

    When it leaks to the underlings, the press people and the dev relations people know. If you aren't ready to confirm on the record, you can sometimes confirm on background, confirm off-record or simply say, "the plan is still Q4 2012 but we have no concrete date and the situation could change." That didn't happen. It was vehement and it was a lie.
    Ok, I wasn't aware you were a writer and had sources.

    As a writer, though, you'd also know how crucial it is for a company to stay on top of its messaging. That's important any time, but in the kind of crisis that RIM faces right now it's life-or-death. A product delay announcement is a significant chunk of bad news. I can believe the decision was made the first week of June, that sounds right to me, and I can believe it took some time to make its way around the company and to give the Communications team time to decide how to get the word out.

    So, ok, fair enough, you put direct questions to Dev Relations at a Jam event and they denied a delay was coming. Unless they'd known for months, that's more of a PR thing than an honesty thing; they had to withhold for the good of the company. How do you think senior management would have looked had a developer relations manager announced the BB10 delay at the NY Jam event?

    That doesn't let RIM completely off the hook though, because the quarterly loss was so bad that they really should have given more warning even if they weren't legally obligated to.
    07-02-12 01:28 PM
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