1. jdwk56's Avatar
    Ok, this might be a dumb question as I am still fairly new to this BB thing. I have downloaded Google sync to my berry and when I go to sync my calendar to my Google calendar the reoccurring events that I have don't all seem to show up. For example: I am a student and I put my class schedule into Google calendar. I have one of my classes MWF from the 25th of Aug to like the 19th of Dec. Everything shows up fine on the Google calendar end but on my berry it only shows me having the class from Aug 25 to Sept 5 or something like that. I guess my question is: Is something wrong? Or will Google sync automatically keep adding those class times a few weeks in advance until the 19th of Dec? Could this be happening to save device memory? Anyways, thanks in advance!

    ps: If i wasn't clear enough on the issue I was having please let me know and I will try and describe it better.
    08-07-08 04:54 PM
  2. AbeFrohman's Avatar
    Change the "Sync Events for next" option to the maximum of 24 weeks.

    Launch GoogleSync, hit menu, options, there you go. At least it'll keep you 6 months in the future.

    To answer your question, yes - I think it's done intentionally to keep the number of items in your device memory (those events on the BB calendar) to a minimum.
    08-07-08 04:56 PM
  3. jdwk56's Avatar
    Well that was easy. It had never occurred to me that there might actually be an option to change that. Thanks!
    08-07-08 05:00 PM