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    All, I'm a iPhone 3g user contemplating switching back to a BB...probably the Bold. I hope maybe some of you won't mind helping me out with a question.

    My iPhone works well with my company Exchange Server/active sync via simply typing in the OWA address into the exchange settings. Using this I am able to get push mail, calander, and contacts, as well as access the GAL. If I switch back to BB I do not want to put my BB on the company BES, as I hate dealing with some of the redicuolous security policies, like disabling Bluetooth, and web browsing to different sites etc. If I were to set up ATT's BIS account with the same OWA settings will it work for email?

    I know, I will probably have to synch contacts and calander info manually, or possibly start synching with my google contacts/calander, which would be fine as I sync both of those with my work exchange account. Thanks.
    02-10-09 12:28 PM
  2. anon(252294)'s Avatar
    I use my BIS for an exchange server. I just set it up like a normal email and somrtimes it take 5-10 min to receive an email but I do get them.
    02-10-09 04:08 PM
  3. Frawg's Avatar
    I used BIS to connect to my company's exchange server for a while but my IT manager had to send an invitation to permit my BB access. I could be wrong. But most of the current IT policies may still apply to your new BB.

    I hope this helps.

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    02-10-09 05:30 PM