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    I'm trying to see if I can get a text file/log to stream on my Storm 2. I rent a 12 person Minecraft server from artofwar and in the control panel you can open the server log and if you choose to stream it, see what is going on in real time on the server.

    I thought it would be great if I can see that whenever I want. It also appears like it could be very possible. I'm able to log in to the control panel and navigate the website fine both on the native browser and Bolt. This is what the server log page looks like(taken from Bolt, same on native):

    When I go to stream the file/log on the native browser this is what happens:

    Here are the settings in my browser:

    Now when I open the same page on Bolt it says:

    And I can then see the server log which looks like this:

    (If you know Minecraft, you will know that the errors above are a common occurrence.)

    Now I'm not sure exactly when I can't pull up and do the same thing on the native but I would like to be able to still stream the file to my browser where it updates what is being typed in game and errors/codes the server it sending out all appear in this text/log. I'm trying to see why it won't update/stream the text in real time like on Desktop or if that is even possible.

    Any suggestions and help or information is appreciated,
    03-18-11 03:56 PM
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    I'm still trying to figure out if this is possible if anyone has suggestions.

    My new/additional question is would making a app be possible to make this work correctly? Would it be possible to make an app then that would allow me to have control of the server as well as the log like starting/stopping it? Possibly using DragonRAD?

    Edit(update): It looks like DragonRAD is not what I want. I will keep trying and looking into this if its possible but help/ideas/suggestions are appreciated.
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    03-24-11 11:24 PM