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    Just thinking out loud here but with the struggle to get apps on the platform only getting worse maybe it's time that BlackBerry start it's own solutions.

    The first step is getting BBM out and that's already done. But I think BlackBerry could do a lot more. They can take the software battle to Facebook and instagram and snap chat with BBM profiles.

    In fact allow sync with all of them through BBM so when you update BBM the corresponding service is updated too! We used to be able to so that with Facebook statuses on os 7 I'm sure they can do it now.

    BlackBerry travel could also be supplemented with BlackBerry banking which instead of needing and individual banks apps you can securely link up through your BlackBerry service to your bank with a full feature set including debit transfer.

    BlackBerry music, maps all that stuff they can offer all of this through their own system in partnership with all of these companies.

    They can battle on individual apps but maybe they can offer a more integrated option so those groups don't have to separately develop for BlackBerry products?

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    10-27-13 12:04 PM
  2. BoldPreza's Avatar
    Sorry the quality of this app was compromised by me rushing on my Z10 and not proof reading. Again apologies.

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    10-27-13 12:06 PM
  3. zocster's Avatar
    Good ideas
    10-27-13 12:07 PM
  4. SK122387's Avatar
    I don't think BlackBerry has the money to roll out all these apps and support for them. These would be expensive undertakings, and then of course they'd have to spend even more money on huge marketing pushes to make people aware of their new services.

    And then they'd have to hope that people use these services that they've spent so much time and money on.

    BlackBerry would be better off trying to court the apps that people already know, use, and love. By having these apps onboard, it would show people that BlackBerry is a real alternative to iOS and Android, and that these companies with their apps have faith in the BlackBerry brand as well.

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    10-27-13 12:18 PM
  5. Troy Tiscareno's Avatar
    "BlackBerry Travel" is just a re-branded WorldMate app, and accesses their service. BB doesn't own or run any of that.

    Right now, BB has its hands full with OS updates and BBM, along with stuff like the QNX car suite. BB has never been a software company (hardware has always been their primary focus), so they don't really have a deep well of experience as software devs. You can see that by all the struggles they've had with the software they already make. They're hardly in a position to start 5 or 10 big software projects when they just cut 40% of their staff (and, really, it was more like 65% over the last year or so). You don't just take a couple of guys, put them in a room, and slap together a world-class, competition-beating application over a couple of weeks. It usually takes YEARS if the app is at all complicated.
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    10-27-13 01:40 PM

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