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    Ok, if you rush to the conclusion, you might opt for a so-so article. But the previous 2 pages are ... well, just read by yourselves !
    a pinch of it ? (intro)
    I’m sorry. I was wrong.
    This apology is for the bespectacled student at my talk in Cleveland, and the lady in the red dress in Florida, and anyone else who’s recently asked me about the future of the BlackBerry. I told all of them the same thing: that it’s doomed.


    Well, BlackBerry’s Hail Mary pass, its bet-the-farm phone, is finally here. It’s the BlackBerry Z10, and guess what? It’s lovely, fast and efficient, bristling with fresh, useful ideas.
    And here’s the shocker — it’s complete. The iPhone, Android and Windows Phone all entered life missing important features. Not this one; BlackBerry couldn’t risk building a lifeboat with leaks. So it’s all here: a well-stocked app store, a music and movie store, Mac and Windows software for loading files, speech recognition, turn-by-turn navigation, parental controls, copy and paste, Find My Phone (with remote-control lock and erase) and on and on.
    The hardware is all here, too. The BlackBerry’s 4.2-inch screen is even sharper than the iPhone’s vaunted Retina display (356 pixels per inch versus 326). Both front and back cameras can film in high definition (1080p back, 720p front).
    The thin, sleek, black BlackBerry has 16 gigabytes of storage, plus a memory-card slot for expansion. Its textured back panel pops off easily so that you can swap batteries. It’s available from all four major carriers: Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, for $200 with a two-year contract.
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    bb10 is amazing and i am getting one ASAP!.... analysts all have their agendas ... customers will decide! and I love what i see!
    01-30-13 12:51 PM
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    Having a rave review from Pogue is huge.
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    01-30-13 01:02 PM
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    I actually quite liked the article's conclusion. Pretty straight up. Not trying to pretend that it's a foregone conclusion, which it's not.

    Thanks for the link

    01-30-13 01:17 PM
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    That's pretty positive yet realistic review from a very mainstream source. Considering the less-than-stellar outlook on the BlackBerry brand, that's very important.
    01-30-13 01:56 PM

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