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    FYI, I just updated Pacman for BlackBerry to version 5.0 which supports full screen on Bold, Curve and Tour. It also works on Storm but key controls may be weird. Please check it out and let me know what you think.... You can download the game for free at Pacman for BlackBerry

    06-18-09 11:40 PM
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    those links will definately help with my troubleshooting. because now if i have to hard reset a berry i can just email them the link to what they had on their phone...again, much appreciation!!!
    06-19-09 11:43 AM
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    Thanks for the linx

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    06-19-09 08:12 PM
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    Great links thanks, very much appreciated.
    06-21-09 05:21 PM
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    I find myself posting links over and over to help people track down what they are looking for. So hopefully this will help everyone out. I'll add to it as I think of more, feel free to add your own as well.

    AIM For Blackberry: http://www.blackberry.com/aim
    Audacity MP3 Editor: Audacity: Windows
    Bank Of America App: (OTA) http://mobilebanking.bankofamerica.c...eBanking42.jad
    BB Countdown Timer: (OTA) http://northcubed.com/installers/com...ntimer_app.jad
    BBGeeks Games: (OTA) 170+ Free Games for your BlackBerry | BB Geeks
    Blackberry Alerts: BlackBerry Alerts
    Blackberry Maps: BlackBerry - PDA GPS - BlackBerry Maps at BlackBerry.com
    Blackberry Messenger: www.blackberry.com/messenger/
    Blackberry Mobile Site [RIM]: http://mobile.blackberry.com/
    BBscreenshooter: oppitronic.[net|de]
    BB Smart Email Viewer: BBSmart
    BB Tracker: Blackberry GPS Tracker - Home
    Blackberry Wiki: http://m.jonathanhfisher.co.uk/
    Blackberry Video Converter: Seabyrd Technologies - Blackberry Video Converter
    BB Weather (OTA): BlackBerryTools OTA
    Blackberry Web Shortcuts Download: http://northcubed.com/products/black...thshortcut.zip
    BB Web Shortcuts Help Forum: http://forums.crackberry.com/f35/bla...hortcuts-7145/
    Beyond 411: Beyond411 Mobile Search
    Bolt Browser: Bolt Browser
    Cature It (OTA): www.thetechmogul.com/CaptureIt/CaptureIt.jad Snap screen shots of your BB
    CB Desktop Launcher: CrackBerry.com Desktop Launcher
    Crackberry.com User & Abuser FREE Theme: Free BlackBerry Themes | CrackBerry.com
    Empower BES: Empower Your BlackBerry
    Empower Email Viewer: Empower BlackBerry
    EQO: EQO - Mobile VoIP, free texts, and free mobile IM with EQO
    ESPN Mobile (OTA): ESPN Mobile Properties
    Facebook App: Facebook for BlackBerry
    Flickr (OTA or DM): BlackBerry - Flickr for BlackBerry Smartphones
    Flycast - Streaming Radio - OTA link
    Fox Mobile (OTA): http://m.foxbusiness.com/index.php?page=blackberry
    Gmail App: Gmail Mobile
    Google Maps: Google Maps
    Google Sync (OTA): Google Sync
    Google Talk: http://www.blackberry.com/GoogleTalk/
    IM+: IM+ All-in-One Mobile Messenger
    Infospace FindIt! (OTA): InfoSpace Find It! for BlackBerry
    Iheartradio - Streaming radio
    Instango: instango.com - Mobile Instant Messaging
    JiveTalk: BeeJive :: JiveTalk mobile messenger
    JL Commander: JL_Cmder Javaloader Utility
    Live365 - Streaming radio
    Livesearch (Beta - OTA): Untitled Page
    MiniMoni: MiniMoni - Traffic monitor for BlackBerry
    MLB Mobile (OTA): MLB.com for BlackBerry
    Moodio - Streaming radio - OTA link
    MSN Messenger (OTA)) http://www.blackberry.com/livemessenger
    Myspace app (OTA): MySpace for BlackBerry Smartphones
    Nutsie: nuTsie.com : Free Your iTunes nuTsie.com
    Nobex Radio Companion - Streaming radio
    Obopay: http://get.obopay.com/apps/blackberry/curve/Obopay.jad
    Opera Mini 3: http://mini.opera.com/?rel=3
    Opera Mini 4: http://mini.opera.com/
    PacMan (OTA): BlackBerry
    Palringo: Palringo Vocal IM
    Pandora - Streaming Radio
    PIXresizer (Image Resizer): Image resizing, do it with PIXresizer
    Plazmic: Plazmic
    Ramble IM (OTA): Ramble Wireless Instant Messaging
    ShoZu (OTA): http://www.shozu.com/d/bbcurve/shozu.jad
    Slacker - Streaming radio
    Shrink It (OTA): http://berrycoder.com/shrinkit.jad resize photos on BB
    Smartflix: http://apps.pyxismobile.com/smartfli...martflicks_all
    Soft Reset: geek and proud - BlackBerry Software
    TellMe: Tellme | Say it. Get It.
    TV Guide Mobile (OTA): http://www.handmark.com/downloads/23...00/TVGuide.jad
    TwitterBerry (OTA): TwitterBerry for BlackBerry
    VibandRing: VibAndRing - Personal Productivity BlackBerry Software - Crackberry Store
    Viigo - Crackberry.com Edition: CrackBerry and Viigo
    Videos4Blackberry (3g formatted videos): videos4blackberry.info | Storm 9520 And 3G Pearl 8200 Flip Heading To Rogers! | Well, Built, Write, Wifi, Out
    WeatherEye (OTA): http://weyebb.pelmorex.com/BlackBerry/
    Webmessenger: WebMessenger Inc.
    Worldmate Live: https://www.worldmatelive.com/li-web/index.jsf
    XM Mobile: XM Radio Mobile on BlackBerry
    Yahoo! Go: Y! Go Download
    Yahoo! Messenger (OTA): http://www.blackberry.com/YahooDownload
    Is that facebook 1.5 or 1.6

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    06-22-09 02:24 PM
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    Thanks! So helpful.
    06-24-09 10:55 PM
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    those are awesome thanks
    06-25-09 01:58 AM
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    Whoa, thanks for the huge list! Amazing.
    06-25-09 09:11 AM
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    This is great! As a newbie, I really appreciate all the links you've posted. Thanks!
    06-26-09 01:30 AM
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    Thanks much. Links are def appreciated!!!

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    06-26-09 02:59 PM
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    Cool, thanks!
    06-28-09 09:11 AM
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    Awesome thread, thanks!!! I just got viigo and pacman from this list.
    06-29-09 12:14 AM
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    Thanks for the handy links. Really saved me time!
    06-29-09 11:40 AM
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    06-29-09 03:42 PM
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    This is a fantastic thread. I needed a TV Guide app.

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    06-30-09 02:29 AM
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    Awesome! Thanks for the list!
    07-02-09 01:21 AM
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    Best composition of the best links. thanks a lot!
    07-03-09 01:27 AM
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    just see this thread, very useful - thanks
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    07-03-09 12:27 PM
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    I downloaded the free Appleberry Classic App and it made my Storm run VERY slow. I went to Options > Advanced > Applications and deleted the Appleberry Classic App. My phone now shows a small clock icon and keeps turning itself off and back on. It's been happening for a couple hours now. I've pulled my battery out several times, but I can't make it stop! Please help me get this to stop so I can use it again!
    07-06-09 02:21 PM
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    Here's a free mountinabord movie download: DIRTSTAR - DVD
    07-06-09 03:40 PM
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    07-08-09 05:50 AM
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    Thanks for the list..very helpful!
    07-08-09 09:35 AM
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    BB Countdown Timer link is bad.
    07-09-09 12:35 AM
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    I found the links useful as well so posted thanks and was also needing to get post #10 made
    07-09-09 07:29 AM
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    sorry if this isn't in the right chat. i have a question, about 2 months ago i got the 3g theme that cost 7$. i saved it on my outlook for windows. the problem is i just bought a macbook and now i don't have that theme saved in my mail. any ideas i could do to get my theme back?

    thanks for the help
    07-10-09 02:30 AM
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