1. jmose's Avatar
    I was very excited to see this email from BB 30 minutes ago titled 'Ready for you new BlackBerry?'. Expecting it to link to the new OS 7 phones, my first link took me to a Storm 2! Talk about disappointment. (BTW, I own & like my Storm 2).

    Still waiting for the new phones, I guess. Aren't they announcing new stuff today?

    07-26-11 03:46 PM
  2. darek's Avatar
    I too have been wondering what's going on with BB. I've also noticed availability for new apps not include BB. RIM's stock has been dropping like a rock. It seems the once might BB that I love is being left behind. I'm not sure even if a new phone was announced that I'd take the risk and buy it. Anyone else feel like me?

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    08-22-11 05:47 AM