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    I have issues with a weak bluetooth signal for headsets and I am relatively certain it is on the BB side. My family owns 3 8300 Curves bought within 2 months of each other (Nov 2007). We upgraded from razr v3s.

    With my razr, I could leave the razr on my kitchen counter with bluetooth on, and I could carry on a conversation with no noise up the stairs and into my bedroom with the door shut. As the crow flies this is about 30 ft and three 2x4 walls with sheetrock.

    With the BBs, If I do the same test, I get about 13 feet away and it cracks up and is unusable. Both transmit and receive.

    I have tested with my 3 BBs, an LG Voyager and my 3 Razrs with the following Motorola headsets: 2 H300, 1 H710, 1 H350 and 2 H850.

    All headset functioned perfctly with the razrs and the LG.

    So is the BB BT weak? Or is it just that Moto headsets don't play nice with other brands?

    Any thoughts??

    12-06-08 05:41 PM