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    Ok so for the last two weeks I've gone down from 100kb/s to in the area of 10kb/s when downloading, which almost always ends up in download failed.. I'm on the BIS network and on 3G.. Even my bbm has stopped working from time to time, this only started the last few days tho.. My network carrier is bumbed out.. So I swap my sim back to my sony ericsson vivaz and hit almost 200kb/s.. So it's not the network.. So it has got to do with the BIS.. Does any1 have any idea wtf is going on.. I've tried every thing I could think of to try and rectivy the issue.. So.. Any input what so ever would be appreciated.. Ooh.. And I'm in South Africa.. If any1 else around the globe have a similar issue.. ***** and moan here.. I wanna hear about it.. Will make me feel a little less alone.. Ooh and it's not just me that's having the issue.. I'm on a bold 9780 btw..

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    07-29-11 01:08 PM
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    Just so we don't waste your time, can you specify what the things are that you've already tried to rectify the issue?
    07-29-11 02:55 PM
  3. social_psycho's Avatar
    I've done a battery pull... A few times.. I've cleared phone los and cashe.. I've deleter service books and re-registered to the blackberry network.. I have not loaded the OS again cause the phone's just 2 months old and I'm not the only one with this issue..

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    07-31-11 02:05 AM
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    Poor d/l speed is standard issue with Verizon it seems. But I see you're not using VZ. If you're certain everything else is running on your device as it should be, you. Can at least know if the problem is on your end or not. You saying a different phone did much better almost leaves a BIS problem a certainty, and that's something only RIM can fix no? I'm sorry you're stuck man. You'd be stuck at crapola data speeds if you had Verizon (do I sound bitter )

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    07-31-11 02:47 AM
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    Indiana, USA. Same s**t. I started seeing this with music downloads About 3 wks ago. I haven't had the same issue with video. I dno. Have tried clearing cache, memory cleaning, and batt pulls. 9700 I have had for over a year. No probs b4.
    And the majority of the time, I am connected to wi-fi at home.
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    07-31-11 05:49 AM
  6. social_psycho's Avatar
    Yea well.. I'm cretain the issue isn't on my phone.. So has to be with the network.. Was just wondering if the tech ppl of blackberry knows wtf is up.. Seems like ppl from all over that's using the BIS service are having issues.. But then only certain networks.. But yea.. Seems like I'm stuck with a brand new phone that is HSDPA enabled and cannot download faster than EDGE should be like.. (Yea.. I an bitter.. It this site didn't censor all my swear words I would have expressed it as well..)

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    07-31-11 06:33 AM