View Poll Results: What wireless sync/backup do you like best?

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  • Google Apps Sync

    3 30.00%
  • SMRT Guard

    2 20.00%
  • Carrier's Mobile Backup

    1 10.00%
  • Other

    4 40.00%
  1. hkbladelawhk's Avatar
    So I've been messing with some of the backup services out there and keep having a ton of trouble. Duplicates or unnecessary contacts being deleted.

    So far I've used Google Sync (don't like it for contacts), Tmobile's mobile backup (doesn't sync calendar) and SMRTGUARD.

    By far I think I like SMRT Guard the best.

    Sure, you pay for their services, but it seems to sync better than the others. Tmobile's service seems to lag a little more, while google just managed to delete a good 20 contacts, right after adding 30 and then doubling 8.

    What do you guys think?
    03-10-10 12:00 AM
  2. VLADSWIFEY0804's Avatar
    I use skydeck , smart guard, and the desktop manager
    03-10-10 12:04 AM
  3. afropoika's Avatar
    mIQ (Best Buy Launches Free mIQ Sync Service | Synchronizes calendar, contacts, SMS and media (pictures / video). It's free and utilizes push technology (changes to calendar et cetera are instantly updated on the other end).
    03-10-10 12:17 AM
  4. dragonsamus's Avatar
    I like google sync. Just make sure you delete all your contacts off your email first. It'll sync your contacts from your phone to your email without doubling anything.

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    03-10-10 12:41 AM
  5. thymaster's Avatar
    Do any of these apps back up bbm?
    03-10-10 12:59 AM
  6. dragonsamus's Avatar
    Do any of these apps back up bbm?
    Google sync only does contacts and calendar entries. I'm not sure about the others.

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    03-10-10 01:01 AM
  7. snowindec9's Avatar
    i vote google sync. serves its purpose well.
    03-10-10 01:10 AM
  8. tony bag o donuts's Avatar
    BBM can be backed up remotely to an email address I believe.
    03-15-10 05:06 AM
  9. davidnc's Avatar
    BBM can be backed up remotely to an email address I believe.
    Yeah did that once and it worked, recovered from email address and once it didn't recover from email address. I don't know why. BBM is no longer on my device so a non issue now
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    03-15-10 05:57 AM
  10. bushako's Avatar
    MiQ applications seems good. I tried using Smrtguard and loved it but it was only a 30day trial so I uninstalled it now. If your willing to pay the price then I would definitely suggest smrtguard.

    Posted from my CrackBerry at
    03-15-10 08:46 AM