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    I hope someone has come across this issue before. I sold my 8900, but before that, I did a security wipe. Now, the phone's only email option to the buyer is to set up an Enterprise account. This phone was personal, I never had it set up at work. How did this happen?

    A little background info:

    I'm the original owner, OS was up to date, although it was the "pre-released" version. Wiped the phone once and gave it to my wife to use. She didn't have data and only wanted the phone to replace her dying 8100. Wiped the phone a second time a few weeks later and sold it.

    The buyer says he has a data plan, but he also told me he had an iPhone. That's as much as I know. Rogers is willing to remove the policy for $25, but both he and I don't think that's fair. I suggested he google "how to remove and IT policy" or to wipe the phone again.

    Anyone have any insight to this situation?
    10-28-10 10:27 PM
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    If he doesn't have a BB data plan, he won't have the option to setup personal (BIS) email. He needs to switch from the iphone data plan to a BB data plan.
    10-28-10 10:29 PM
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    Thank you. I thought this might be the case as I've asked him to confirm with Rogers. According to him, the only answer Rogers is giving him is to remove the policy for $25.

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    10-28-10 11:11 PM
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    It does not sound like the device actually has an IT Policy on it.

    The email application only showing the "Enterprise" email option is NOT indicative of an IT Policy. It is indicative of NOT having an BLACKBERRY Data Plan active for the device.

    As indicated above, have the user get the PROPER data plan set up (not an iPhone data plan) and the Personal Email Setup option should be there.
    10-29-10 06:24 AM
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    Rogers are a bunch of robbers .. here is a link he/she can do themselves :

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    10-29-10 07:46 AM
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    type buyr while on the status page and it will tell you if there is an IT policy enabled
    10-29-10 10:15 AM
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    Awesome little piece of advice there. Is there a way to hide what was revealed?

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    10-29-10 11:31 AM