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    I've posted before but no one seems to be able to help. I need a really SMART tech person.
    I receive one email with three attachments, PDF FILE, ICS FILE AND XML FILE. The office cannot separate them. I only need to open the PDF file, which if it was sent alone wouldn't be a problem. The blackberry cannot recognize the ICS and XML, therefore, cannot download. For some reason if I had an Iphone it can separate them and open the PDF, but not blackberry.

    ANYONE HAVE ANY SUGGESTIONS HOW I can open this email on a blackberry..

    thank you
    06-21-09 10:49 AM
  2. jeffh's Avatar
    Can you forward the message to yourself and delete the two offending attachments?

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    06-21-09 11:28 AM
  3. jcsss's Avatar
    I'm not sure I follow you. The email is sent to me, my email address which comes on my computer and also the blackberry. My only problem with the download is stemming from the blackberry. Opening it up on the computer is not a problem. So when it's sent to the blackberry it won't let me do anything. FOrwarding it to myself, I just don't get it?

    I need this to open on the blackberry so I don't have to be in front of my notebook computer.
    06-21-09 06:33 PM
  4. Heresy's Avatar
    I dont think your gonna get it to work. Its iCalender isnt it? I dont get why the office cant separate the pdf from it. Can you explain what this whole thing is a little better? Maybe I will be able to help if I understand whats going on.
    06-21-09 07:07 PM
  5. jeffh's Avatar
    Open the email on your PC. Delete the two attachments that cause the problem on the BlackBerry, leaving only the pdf. Forward the edited email to yourself, so it goes to your BlackBerry. Now you have the email on the BlackBerry with only the pdf attachment, and opening it should not be a problem.
    06-21-09 07:08 PM
  6. jcsss's Avatar
    what's the point of having a blackberry if I have to go to the computer,delete the files that won't open on the blackberry. The whole point was being able to use the Blackberry when I'm not by a computer. That's why I'm so anxious to have the capabilities of downloading on the blackberry.
    thanks anyway
    06-23-09 04:09 PM
  7. jcsss's Avatar
    the one page document is information about where I'm supposed to report to work for the next day, time, location, who I'm working for, etc... It's just a very simple document but obviously impossible to download to the blackberry.
    06-23-09 04:11 PM
  8. jeffh's Avatar
    I didn't think about the Mac connection until rlp32 mentioned it. BlackBerry devices are PC-centric. Does everybody else in your office use an iPhone? Does anybody else use a BlackBerry? You say the office can't separate the three files. Have you pursued that further?
    06-23-09 08:59 PM
  9. rambo47's Avatar
    ICS is a calendar invite. XML is a web link. Neither one should be on an email unless it's actually an invite or link to be opened. What site sends out all three on all emails? You're asking for a solution to a problem created by idiots. The answer is "buy an iPhone."
    06-23-09 10:29 PM
  10. jcsss's Avatar
    you said it "created by idiots" Unfortunately I can't get an Iphone. I've got a contract with Verizon and I'm not paying $175 to get out of it. So I'm stuck. Thanks though...
    06-24-09 07:03 PM
  11. Heresy's Avatar
    I dont want to be off here but it sounds to me that if I were to be sending files like this to my employee's Id make certian they can get them. So your paying for your blackberry...your not going to get the boss to change the setup...so have the boss supply you with what you need to be able to complete your tasks or get an iphone. Yes the blackberry will open ics files but it does depend on what progam makes them. The ability to open all three...not thinking so.
    06-24-09 10:38 PM
  12. ioomul's Avatar
    ... Yes the blackberry will open ics files but it does depend on what progam makes them. ...
    How can you open ics files from bb?
    I'm trying to download calendars from internet (I cannot post a link here), but I cannot import them.

    What program you know that can make ics files compatible with bb?
    06-25-09 08:56 AM
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    Perfect example of why we need this to happen. http://forums.crackberry.com/f2/atta...al-rim-254197/

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    06-25-09 09:29 AM