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    i'm waiting for the new curve to come out (with Rogers) and wanted to ask you experts about the user-friendliness of the calendar/organizer aspect of BB. One of my main reasons for getting a BB is that I want to combine my organizer and phone and am tired of using a notebook to keep dates etc organized (and can't be bothered to use my Dell Axim)....how easy is it to input appts, dates etc into the BB's organizer on the go? i've had a few patients who have BBs and when i asked them they said it's not that easy and they just open up a blank (tasks, notepad? can't remember what they were referring to) and write the stuff in there and transfer it to the organizer on the computer and once they sync it, it shows up on the BB...to me that's sort of counter-productive and it creates more work....
    let me know what your experiences are please.

    thanks and have a good day,
    09-06-07 07:57 AM
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    Trust me when I tell you that change is a good thing. I have used a PDA of some sort (along with Outlook) for 10+ years and recently switched from a Treo650 to the Curve. I have spent the last week convincing "less techy" colleagues to embrace Outlook and the Contact / Calendar / Memo Pad / Task features of a BB and I have already noticed a change in their productivity in the office.

    It may take a little getting used to - however with the help of other GREAT tools I've found like the BBSmartViewer email, when you open an email using that interface and need to set an appt / calendar entry as a result ---- with the click of one button, you can initiate that entry right from the email in lieu of copying down all that information and manually keying it in.

    You will certainly feel more productive / organized with a new BB device.

    Good luck!
    09-06-07 08:26 AM
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    Its really easy... I've only had my bb for a little while now, but I love it. One main reason for me getting one was using the calendar as well. If you turn off "dial from home" or whatever then you can use super-quick shortcuts.

    Scroll to date

    If you push those buttons you'll be creating an appointment on whatever day within seconds.

    My only negative is there is no real quality way to use google calendar (best calendar app out there IMO). I've tried a whole slew of apps but none really work.

    Oh well, I think something from google will be coming shortly.

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