1. tb135's Avatar
    I have a message indicator on my phone( 1 VOICEMAIL)
    It won't go away, I've pulled the battery and wiped the handheld out and its not working.
    Please Help
    09-15-09 12:33 AM
  2. Vsp1140's Avatar
    Check you VM's and delete all of them if necessary.
    09-15-09 12:48 AM
  3. tb135's Avatar
    It says I have no messages
    09-15-09 12:51 AM
  4. phone_s3x's Avatar
    You sure its not a bb app world update icon?
    If not here is a copy/paste i found that might help...

    Leave yourself a new voicemail message from a landline phone or any phone and wait for the phone to notify you of the new message. Call your voicemail from the phone and listen to the message, delete it and follow the voice prompt keys to exit the system. For example...press * to exit the system, something to that effect. (don't just hang up after you delete it). I've seen where this can correct the problem you are having.
    09-15-09 01:36 AM
  5. tb135's Avatar
    Ok, I did that it didn't work. I has 1 and the little voicemail figure 8 like symbol.
    I put my moms sim card in and the indicator doesn't show up. When I put mine back in its still there. I have NO voicemails.
    09-15-09 11:46 AM