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    I saw this once and now I cant find it...
    It is a app that is downloaded on your phone that tracks your phone
    it has a sticker that you put on the phone permanently...
    and that sticker has a phone number and offers a reward to call the number to return the phone...

    Now there are programs/services that offer these separately...
    this was an all in one...

    it is similar to track it back...
    12-18-08 09:16 PM
  2. fast2000hayabusa's Avatar
    12-19-08 09:34 PM
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    Like this: Silly Sticker Lost and Found Web Service

    I've seen yellow/white/black stickers too that have a barcode on them as well, but my google-fu seems to be broken tonight.

    Edit, again helps for me to read (sigh). It's too late. I'll keep my original post here though and just slink off after giving misinformation.

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    12-19-08 09:47 PM
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    yeah that is the one...
    the bar coded one...
    if you find it let me know
    12-19-08 11:43 PM