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    Hi! I'm new here to Crackberry, so please be gentle. I'm hoping to get some help with a wifi connection issue I've been experiencing recently with my BB 8520. Here goes.. sometimes when I connect to wifi at my house my phone will connect, and once the phone is in the connection range it will stay connected and work without any issues. I live in Jamaica, so power cuts are sometimes an issue. When the power goes out for a second and comes back, if I restart my router the phone won't connect. Yet, other Blackberries running Os 6 or later will connect, and my laptop and tablet will also connect. Say it does connect, then all is fine. However, say I leave my home having turned off the wifi reception, and come back home and try to connect, it will not. It will not connect for days on end, until I get lucky and get a successful connection. This is really a problem for me, because when my data plan has expired (like now) I use wifi to run my WhatsApp and social networks. This problem has been going on since I've had this phone, and it's very frustrating. Sorry fot the long read, just trying to provide as much info as possible. My carrier is Digicel Jamaica, and my wifi is WEP enabled, however it has connected when the network was open, and when i had WPA security; so I've ruled out the various security modes as an issue.

    All help is appreciated!
    05-15-12 11:38 AM
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    seems to be either the wifi antenna in the bb or the os. or even maybe the signal the router transmits on (b/g/n) as the 8520 only works on b/g. if u have an n router it may explain the connection issues u have

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    05-15-12 08:39 PM
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    Does it help if you turn off your wifi connection on your BlackBerry for a minute or two and turn it back on? What about if you reset your BlackBerry with a battery pull or alt+shift+delete? Have you tried seeing if it will connect then? You could also power cycle your router when it's not connecting to see if it will connect. Just uplug the power from your router for 30 seconds or a minute or two and see if your BlackBerry will then connect after you plug it back in. I've had laptops that refuse to connect to wifi after sleep/standby. Only rebooting them would make them connect again.
    05-15-12 09:08 PM