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    ok so first off the bat i know alot of you ppl are going to think wow this guy is stupid and yes right now i am and feeling really bad about it. I bought my girlfiend a torch for christmas through a "friend". i dont really know the guy and thats my 1st mistake. Now why i need your help, recently the screen started almost peeling off near the keyboard so i contacted the guy and he said ok no problem he was going to ship it to rogers all good and dandy. Now heres the bad part i cant contact the guy the only phone number i have of his is now " not listed and has not been assigned". I have ALL the information about the old phone is there any way to contact rogers and see what happened did he switch his number? am i completley SOL or what can i do please help
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    You are out of luck. The carrier, NO CARRIER, is going give you a customers number or the status / details of their account.

    Furthermore, as you are not the original purchaser warranty and / or insurance is off the table.

    Your only real options are (a) live with it, (b) repair it at your own cost.

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