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    I was at work earlier, when I checked my phone and I had 5 new messages. I could only check it for a second, but when I did I read all of my messages and then went and put it back in my purse. Finally when I was cut from work, I went and sat down to read my messages, and all of them had deleted! The only messages that were left were my emails from today, text messages from 4 days ago (saturday) and two text messages i had saved from friday. It would make sense if it was only the saved text messages were left, but there were others too, and I also have 10 other saved messages that have dissapeared.

    I also recieved a missed call, and when I went to go see it, it went to a blank call log!

    Anddd, I have a new message icon at the top right corner, but I cannot find the message!

    This is rediculous! Someone please help I'm going insaneee!

    Also, for voice mail. When I first got this phone I had just started with at&t, and when i called the number to set up my voicemail, it said enter number and i entered my phone number. That never worked and I don't know how to change it, because whenever i call my "voicemail" it doesn't work.
    I don't even know what number to replace my actual number with!
    10-15-08 09:51 PM
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    Check your free memory: Options / Status / File Free:

    What you are describing is typical of the problems caused by low available memory. Any time "File Free" drops below 12 000 000 bytes, the phone will start deleting call logs and text messages without warning to free up memory. Text messages may be deleted as soon as they arrive, before you have had time to read them.

    A battery pull recovers memory and will alleviate the problem temporarily. The solution is to remove the stuff you don't need (the sample video, wallpaper, themes, other languages, brickbreaker, etc.) from the device's memory. The following procedure, originally written by Forums Moderator Reed McLay will guide you:

    How to Increase BlackBerry's File free memory

    Also, if you have a Media Card, be sure to put pictures, videos, music, and ringtones on it, not in your device's memory. Keep in mind that Media Card memory is not device memory. You have to keep your device memory above 12 000 000 bytes, regardless of the capacity of your Media Card or how much free space it has. Finally, you can't at this time run programs from a Media Card. Programs have to be installed in and executed in device memory.

    Not sure how to answer your voicemail issue, I've never been on AT&T.
    10-15-08 09:58 PM
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    As for your voicemail question, you will need to contact att.

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    10-15-08 10:17 PM