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    Hey CrackBerry nation,

    The PlayBook Moon Landing team is excited that Eric Harty (creator of Pixelated and Xploding Boxes) and Gyubok Baik from Mobile Solutions will be liveblogging from DevCon on PlayBook Moon Landing starting at 8:30am this Tuesday.

    PlayBook Moon Landing

    We'll have the latest news and instant analysis on new BlackBerry apps, smartphones and BBX.

    We're hoping the increased traffic will help our fundraising efforts during the Holiday Season (will be selling metal money clips and leather business card holders, both with an unique PlayBook Moon Landing logo).


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    10-16-11 09:19 PM
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    Thanks a lot!

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    10-17-11 05:26 AM
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    lol ... 10char
    10-17-11 01:07 PM
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    Liveblogging on www.playbookmoon.ca starts today at 11:15am EST (8:15am PST). Eric Harty (creator of Pixelated) and Gyubok Baik (creator of puZZed) will be providing commentary as app developers. Michael Li will be commenting as an MBA Candidate in Finance and writer of an investing blog. Nirav Patel will be analyzing the news as an Android user.


    See you there!
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    The liveblog on www.playbookmoon.ca is now LIVE. Eric Harty, creator of Pixelated as joined us, as well as Gyubok Baik, creator of puZZed from www.qbotron.com
    10-18-11 10:43 AM
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    For everyone that was disappointed a BBX superphone wasn't shown at DevCon, this video explains that PlayBook 2.0 IS BBX:

    What is likely the first review of Xploding Boxes on Youtube:

    10-23-11 08:17 PM