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    Okay my visor handsfree sm-605 works fine with my 9850 and my playbook except that the fm transmitter side of the sm-605 will not work with the Playbook. When i bluetooth pair the playbook with my sm-605 it will only play music right out of the visor-mount device itself. I cannot switch the device over to fm xmit mode to play music out of my truck's stereo player.

    Ironically, if i simultaneously pair my bb 9850 to the device, then i can turn on the fm xmitter side of the 605 and beam the music to my truck stereo from the playbook, tho the 9850 is doing essentially nothing. If i un-pair the 9850 from the sm-605, the 605 switches off the fm transmitter and the bluetooth stream music from the playbook returns to playing out of the visor device itself.

    This is really odd and I cannot find a solution. Any advice out there?
    11-24-12 09:54 AM

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