1. LeJohn23's Avatar
    Sorry for creating another thread about this, but I am VERY new to blackberrys. I am looking into buying the Storm but I am unsure of the plans. Will I need to purchase a calling/email/message plan and another plan for data?
    11-03-08 11:49 PM
  2. noaim's Avatar
    to make it simple basically its seperated by voice+texting with additional charge for data.

    when you purchase a blackberry I am pretty sure you are forced to get a blackberry data plan this includes all data services and email

    the BIS plan looks like its 29.99 and the bes 44.99?

    the 29.99 comes with unlimited data and like up to 10 email accounts or something and is not able to be used on a Business network..

    on top of that you will need a voice plan which starts at 39.99 and if you want text messages you will have to pay extra for that (im not positive but I believe the voice plan comes with 50 free texts or something I cant remember for sure well none the less if it doesnt it was like 5 bucks to get 50 and unlimited in texting or something like that.

    so basically your looking at

    39.99 + 29.99 at the very least and + more depending on what features you want texting/vznavigator etc

    at least this is how I took it when the rep explained it to me
    11-04-08 12:12 AM