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    For those of you interested in Pinstack's "Win a Bold" promotion, please be careful.

    The check-out process is confusing and mistake-prone. The phones are listed for one price (e.g., "FREE"), and when you get to the last stage -- the payment stage -- the price is unexpectedly raised (e.g., $109.00). The price jump (i.e., from free to $109.00) is just one of the issues with the site. Other issues include a very confusing two-step plan selection process in which you cannot choose voice and then data in that order; all extras are by default selected as YES; and a lack of explanations/info.

    When I first called Pinstack, they replied that: "FYI The store is NOT run by "PinStack" its run by simplexity.com." Anyway, please be careful. I would never, ever, send the Pinstack promotional email/link to a friend or family member. People like my folks would end up paying much more for some janky plan than they would have purchased had they bought from a reputable online vendor like Amazon (or even from the service provider itself).
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    Although, I'm not interested in their promotion I thank you for your vigilance. Its great that we're all watching out for another. .

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    Yes. Good job looking out for everyone.

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