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    I am an I.T. consultant and I have a client I am trying to figure out what he is doing to his BB that it keeps messing up.

    Background Information:
    1. He is NOT using a BES
    2. He is getting some duplicated entries and some entries are being deleted, this is very, very random, deleting calendar items only.
    3. He has several delegates set up to work on his behalf (he is an attorney)
    4. Verizon is the wireless carrier
    5. Uses the standard BB desktop manager to sync

    I have went through and deleted all duplicates in Outlook, set the handheld back to factory defaults and resynced. It is good to go for about a week and then it is messed up again.

    I don't know what he could be doing between Outlook and the BB, but he is getting very aggravating. If it is a client issue, I would like to make sure he is trained on syncing the darned thing so I don't have to keep going to his office every week as he is a real piece of work to deal with and I don't want to have to tell him that he is the one messing it up. He thinks he does no wrong.................
    12-11-08 03:18 PM