1. Lucas Sexton's Avatar
    Does anyone know if we are getting these back? I live in a very humid environment and the touch screen swipe does not work consistently due to sweat on my hands, I have had the same problems with other touch screen phones from apple etc.

    Is there an app that will allow one of the buttons on the phone to answer and hangup?

    Another issue with all these phones phones with large screens is that when you turn the brightness up to max so you can actually see the screen in outside in bright light th battery goes flat in a ridiculously short time, is there an aftermarket battery that will provide significantly more battery life I can have installed in my Priv, yes I have disabled every app I can, all I use the phone is for SMS, calls and emails.

    My old torch used to last a week with a similar to this.
    05-07-18 06:19 PM
  2. DWonder's Avatar
    Good question. I'm also hopin there will be another one eventually. Can't say it's likely tho, unfortunately
    05-07-18 09:18 PM
  3. BigBadWulf's Avatar
    You can double tap the space key on the KEYᵒⁿᵉ. Don't know if similar is present for the Motion. I don't see the physical keys coming back. They've solved it without them.

    If you are sweating so badly the touchscreen is disabled, I can only imagine what will occur under the keys. Anything less than IP67 I'd steer clear of.

    The battery life on the KEYᵒⁿᵉ and Motion don't require an expanded battery, nor would it be possible. If you are an insanely heavy user, either plug it in sometime during the day, or carry a portable charger. I've never had my KEYᵒⁿᵉ quit before I did. Next month that will be a year, and some very long active days. I actually find it annoying, LoL. I started with BlackBerry here, and never had a smartphone that provided so much confidence stock.
    05-07-18 10:27 PM
  4. idssteve's Avatar
    I, personally, feel that handsets missing dedicated physical phone function keys should NOT be called a "phone". Imo. Consumer trends have embraced "mini tablets" with telephone functions patched in, but Classic's physical phone keys make it BB's last real "phone". Imo. K1 DOES provide some physical key "work arounds" but I, for one, find it ludicrous that a handset with 3 dozen physical keys can't suffer the two keys I use most on Classic/9900. ??? Obviously some folks value voice convenience more than others. Those who do, want a PHONE...!! Lol. Imo. Fwiw.

    For battery life, K1 is hard to beat but that huge battery also adds weight & size to the "hand"set. Even on lighter demand, better signal days, when such spectacular endurance is not needed. Swappable configurations, like 9900, can be lighter & more compact because a fresh battery can be swapped in mid day, if needed. OR, a larger battery can be easily fitted! My 5000mah monster powers 9900 comfortably thru a 3day weekend. My 3000mah battery provdes a comfortable two day weekend. Very light & compact oem JM1 (about 1300mah) restores 9900 to superb compactness during a typical work day. Might need to swap in a fresh JM1 about lunch time but... Quick, simple, light weight and efficiently versatile!! Anyone who thinks 9900 needs a bigger battery simply needs to get a bigger battery! Lol.

    Unfortunately, too many "consumers" just don't really care about "efficiency" in their daily lives. Possibly explaining why they are still "consumers" and not "producers" ??? Lol. Idk. Lol.
    DWonder likes this.
    05-12-18 05:13 AM

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