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    That's really weird.

    This afternoon I went to my Picture folder after taking a picture to send it to a friend and I couldn't find it. I tried it several times (by taking a picture and going back to the picture folder) I just cannot find any picture I've taken. It's like it's not saving them anywhere.

    The last time I took a picture and it was saved was a few hours prior to the incident.

    Inbetween I did not play with the settings or do anything to alter it.

    The ony change I did was added BerryAnnoying that cancels the click sound of a camera which was done two days ago and all pictures were still being saved.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Device: 9700.

    Edit: I just did the battery pull and I was able to see the images being saved. I'm relieved the images are on the phone because I need them for tomorrow. Still, that was weird.
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    Battery pulls are magical. First thing to do when you cant think of anything else =)
    03-22-10 09:12 PM