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    okay, im very new here so bare with me. iv heard a nasty rumor that all the phones that are out right now will NOT have access to BB10. i use the bold 9900, and was under the impression that the 9900 was new enough to have an upgrade to BB10.

    so, my question is, do you guys know about this? will the 9900 and other newer phones get OS10?? or will i have to buy another phone in less then a year from now??

    also, everything im seeing from BB10, the devices are all touch screens. anyone know if there will be a bold with BB10?

    will it still be bold, curve, torch etc? or are all these getting scrapped and all new devices are coming?
    05-14-12 07:43 PM
  2. DenverRalphy's Avatar
    This is very old news. RIM made it public knowledge at least a year ago that BB7 devices will not be upgraded to BB10.

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    05-14-12 07:47 PM
  3. OniBerry's Avatar
    All we know for sure at this point is that there will be a BB10 phone available early 2013 with a physical keyboard.
    05-14-12 07:48 PM
  4. byul's Avatar
    All the current bb phone device's can't be upgraded to BB10. They simply don't have the hardware requirements for it.
    The first BB10 bb's will be full touch screens first after that they will most likely bringing out bb10 keyboard phones.
    05-14-12 07:52 PM
  5. Flexin's Avatar
    This has been out for a while. They made that very clear. As far as a keyboard version they say they are planing one. I believe they will make one if the first one does well.

    05-14-12 08:11 PM
  6. edu3110's Avatar
    Enough to say.
    05-14-12 08:14 PM
  7. hleotangco's Avatar
    sad though... i wanna see my 9360 with bb10... hehehehe

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    05-14-12 10:24 PM
  8. abass's Avatar
    It really irks me that people get so annoyed about BB10 not coming to their older phones... Their previous phones were not created to run the new OS, the new phones require a much more powerful processor and amount of RAM to run BB10 (QNX) to it's maximum potential. Apple updated their OS (with Siri) and you were required to buy their new phone to get this feature, although I'm sure something like that could more easily be updated to old models as it is a feature and not an entirely NEW operating system like BB10 is.

    I get really disappointed when people get annoyed that BB10 won't be backwards compatible.. I'm actually quite relieved that it isn't and won't be, because if it was, then I don't feel like it is really THAT much of an advancement if such old hardware/and hardware not designed for QNX could run it..
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    05-14-12 11:52 PM
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    I'm not sure if I dislike these subtle trolls more or less than the regular kinds...
    05-15-12 12:26 AM