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    I got this to work with my 7130e on US Cellular. I want to know if this works on other devices and other providers. Please test and let me know what you get.

    US Cellular does not allow phone as modem (due to the fact that their data sucks). But if you're in a bind this could come in handy (might work on other carriers as well). Well...it does now!

    Make sure your desktop connection manager is running and that your device is connected (this wont work if desktop manager isn't running)...
    On XP: Start=>Control Panel(classic view)=>Network Connections=>Create a New Connection=>Select "Connect to the Internet" Click "Next"=>Select "Set Up My Connection Manually" Click "Next"=>Select "Connect Using a Dial-up Modem" Click "Next"=>Select Standard Modem" (this is what BlackBerry is set to by default, if it shows up as BlackBerry choose that)=>Call it "PAM" and click "Next"=>Put #777 as the phone number and click next=>Leave the Username and Password fields blank and make sure both check boxes are checked the click "Next"=>Click Finish

    A window should pop to dial out. Click "Dial" and you should connect.

    If this doesn't work for you let me know and we can get it figured out for your carrier.
    12-13-07 02:43 PM
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    My modem is not even being recognised on my computer . an some one help me around that ??
    12-14-07 05:59 PM
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    Im from Trinidad and Tobago and my service is Digicel
    12-14-07 06:00 PM
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    Edge service
    12-14-07 06:01 PM
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    Actually my modem is not reconising my com port 7 which is my standard modem on my pc . My provider is digicel Trinidad and Tobago from the carribean
    12-14-07 06:10 PM
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    With just a blackberry access (apn = blackberry.net) will not allow you to use the device as a modem, you will have to make sure that your provider has also facilitated for the modem (a different internet apn)... depending on your service plan it may not be availlable.

    But I am attaching the setup guide that is working perfectly with my laptops. Works for all devices... Just make suer u use your providers apn on the extra initialization string

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    12-14-07 10:08 PM