1. bartendermark's Avatar
    Im seeing if anyone else is experiencing this....
    I was watching tv with my girlfriend yesterday with my phone on the coffee table on lock mode. 2 seconds later my girlfriends phone started to ring and it was my phone calling her. I didnt call her phone but it was my number that appeared on her BB. 5 minutes later it happend again, so i picked up the phone but didnt hear anything, 30 seconds in to it, it hung up. It did this 4 times with her phone and 5 times with my friends phone.. all of the calls i did not make.
    So over the past 2 days, my phone has been randomly making phone calls. It made a phone call to this random number, the guy who it keeps calling is pissed! he has left 12 messages on my voicemail. So i called the guy and explained it to him. he is still pissed.

    I called Verizon earlier and told them my story, they are shipping me a Tour for free because this is my 3rd Storm replacement. I was just wondering if anyone is experiencing this.
    08-23-09 01:35 AM
  2. dictoresno's Avatar
    my friend the other day prank called another one of our friends with my phone number using one of those internet websites. i figured there was something wrong with my phone, as i showed no outgoing calls during those times. maybe one of your friends are also doing this to you? i thought there was something wrong with my phone too until my friend fessed up.
    08-23-09 02:11 AM
  3. bartendermark's Avatar
    thats what i figured. when i called verizon yesterday, they said that if i had downloaded a 3rd part app. this is what of probably caused it. not quiet sure to say about that.
    08-23-09 01:55 PM