1. imdakine1's Avatar
    I have a Verizon BB Curve and was trying to find out if I can select the phone book and have it not remember the last name I searched. I find it annoying and would much rather have it just the phone book so I can begin typing the last name or first name of the person I am looking up.

    Currently, I click the address book / phone book and it comes to the last person I looked up and in my hasty nature, I begin typing the person I am looking up and than realize it still had the name of the "last person searched" which really slows me down.

    Any suggestions?
    10-21-08 05:13 PM
  2. berry me with it's Avatar
    If you "end" out of the phone book it will still have what you typed up top. But if you "back" out it will only highlight the last person searched, it will not keep the name in search up top.
    10-21-08 05:21 PM