1. cindyrockks's Avatar
    hey guys, i just got my bb curve about less than a month ago, when im on the phone sometimes it just randomly restarts, the timer comes on with a white screen and it takes about 3/5 mins to come back on, and i'm experiencing alot of dropped calls ughhh
    10-05-08 09:56 AM
  2. Reed McLay's Avatar
    That is not good news. Your device is doing a full restart, that means a total loss of power for long enough (milliseconds) to force a restart.

    The Battery is the first suspect, easy enough to swap it out to determine if it is responsible. If not, that means an intermittent failure in the power supply.

    That is a warranty claim.
    10-05-08 10:20 AM
  3. cindyrockks's Avatar
    thanks for your thoughts about it, i will try to call tmobile and complain and have them send me a new battery or a new phone!
    10-05-08 11:32 AM
  4. Pete6's Avatar
    This is almost certainly as Reed says, the battery. If this does not immediately fix the problem then you should hotfoot it over to the phone store and not leave without a new unit.
    10-05-08 12:51 PM
  5. Reed McLay's Avatar
    It occured to me, there is another possible explanation.

    Your battery connects to the device through four spring loaded contacts. If either the power or ground contact is contaminated with foreign matter, the connection can be broken, perhaps by typical normal use vibrations.

    Remove the battery and inspect the four Gold contacts. Clean them gently with a pink rubber eraser. Replace the battery and cross your fingers.
    10-05-08 02:03 PM
  6. exelant's Avatar
    If that's not it, take Pete's advice and get over to the store for a replacement. 30 days is the cutoff for returning it for a new, non-refurbished curve.

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    10-05-08 04:41 PM