1. DBadgers34's Avatar
    can you suggest some good applications for me to DL?

    I have an ipod, so if I plan to listen to an mp3 on a flight or going to bed or some time that requires a few hours, I use it, but I'd rather use the BB to upload a few playlists so that if I am studying for an hour or just going out to get something, I can use my phone since it won't run the battery too bad.

    I don't *mind* the BB interface and functionally it's not much different from an ipod in that I really only need volume + back/skip controls, but I don't like how the screen can't be on standby when I use it. Are there better mp3 formats out there I can get? Any specific programs? Something where I can stream radio for free? And most importantly: anything where I can DL music like an apple store application?
    12-15-08 12:58 PM