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    what I Needed:
    If you have a New Bell with (I don't know what its called - Is the old one CDMA? Is that what I would have if I got a trackball Curve over a year ago?)

    I wanted to get someone to text my mom's number, Say you are doing a test and to text back if they receive it.

    1) I cannot text to Trinidad where my family is. their company is TSTT and they can text me fine but i cannot text them. I used to be able to. Maybe a month ago and now i can't. Bell tech support says it's not them and TSTT says it's not them. I don't know what to do. I want to see if new (?) Bell BBs can text to TSTT.*

    2) My phone got water damage a while ago and is giving a lot of problems and I need to get a new phone. Either second hand from kijiji or pay for a new one with Bell or buy out my contract and go to Rogers.

    Why go to Rogers?
    My friend who's with Rogers can text to TSTT perfectly. I don't know if it's that Rogers can but Bell can't for some strange reason or if it's that she has a newer (?) BB.

    Bottom Line
    Someone named *** ended my thread when I asked people to text the number cause he said I might be a scammer. I am not a scammer. I Just want to see if the new Bell BBs would work to text Trinidad and I don't have any friends with new Bell phones that can help me check.

    so does anybody know if the new (?) vs the CDMA will make a difference? can anyone help me send the text if I give you the number?*

    I am getting my mom to talk to TSTT and see if they can help and if that doesn't work then Bell says they will escalate my complaint.

    Thanks so much.*

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    01-03-11 12:46 PM
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    I asked people to text the number cause he said I might be a scammer. I am not a scammer. ...
    Perhaps we can help you diagnose the problem, but you can not do it by posting a mobile phone number in a public forum. The potential for abuse demands we deal with it on site.

    If I understand correctly, you are trying to use SMS to a foreign carrier. The odds are good, your carrier is the only source that can can help you.
    01-03-11 01:50 PM
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    i live in trinidad, TSTT has very poor service overall...including customer service.
    i bet getting your mom to talk to TSTT didnt make a difference?

    i'm curious though, did you manage to come to a conclusion about the nature of your issue?
    06-14-11 10:30 PM