1. knowledge_6's Avatar

    Just wondering if anyone knows how companies that fix blackberries deal with people coming back to them saying they broke their phones etc.

    I understand there is that mutual understand when modding a phone that your warranty can be void, but there are those odd people that would come attack you saying you broke it.

    Obviously if it is relating to the mod or replacement part it would be replaced.


    do you have a legal disclaimer? a waiver? insurance?

    04-26-10 10:19 AM
  2. afropoika's Avatar
    "Please be fully aware that by allowing me to disassemble, repair or modify your electronics device, I take no responsibility for any damage prior or after the disassembly, repair or modification procedures. Understand that any warranty may be void for your electronics device. Should my service be unsatisfying, we shall talk and settle any issues in a civil manner. No refunds."

    ^ been using that for quite some time, never had a single complaining 'attacker' coming at me. In a few occasions there were unsatisfied customers, but with good manners we talked face to face and came into an agreement.

    If the 'customer' is new, I usually make them sign a piece of paper with the text above written, to 'protect' me legally should the situation get out of hand. Of course the law differs from region to region, here in Finland it's thankfully a good one.
    04-26-10 11:02 AM