1. AbeFrohman's Avatar
    I just picked up a pre-owned car and it had an aftermarket bluetooth system installed. There were no manufacturer marks on it, butI was able to pair my 9630 and it came up as "Peiker HF" in my list.

    I connect with it and it works, but for some reason, the voice prompts from the Peiker system don't work. From what I was able to find on the web, it's got a fairly extensive voice menu program, but no matter what I say or how I yell at it, it doesn't do anything. All calls and functions have to be done via the BlackBerry.

    Anybody have a Peiker system? Know about them and/or their compatibility with BlackBerrys in general and the Tour in specific?

    Thanks for any info.
    11-02-09 05:50 PM
  2. Carlos Pineda's Avatar
    Do you mind telling me what code did you used. . I got a used car and i cant pair my phone..

    04-06-13 02:54 AM