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    I just installed PeekAWho v1.170 on my Verizon BlackBerry Curve 8330 / Had a few little glitches with the FollowUp! app. PeekAWho overwrites FollowUp! And when I re-installed FollowUp! it wiped out PeekAWho.

    SmrtGuard Tech Support helped me out right away with a better FollowUp! OTA link.
    PeekAWho (same as CrackBerry appstore notification link):
    PeeKaWho - Email Alert - SMS/EMAIL Notification
    FollowUp! (not the CrackBerry link):

    It has some nifty new features like colored notification lights based on type of message, an LED timer, a flashlight, and some other stuff that I suspect is a lot like BBAlerts from what I've read (no experience with BBAlerts). I like it. YMMV. SMS notification still doesn't work when SMS/InBox are separated, though.

    Edit: Oops, should have posted in 3rd party apps forum. Forum moderator, feel free to move message.

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