1. jskinvest's Avatar
    My secretary has the Pearl from T-Mobile and I have the Verizon Curve. We each took pictures today of the exact same things. Our camera and phone settings were identical. Yet her pictures came out a lot brighter and sharper than mine. Is there a reason for that? Does the Pearl have a better camera or aren't they supposed to be the same? Thanks.
    10-31-08 04:05 PM
  2. amazinglygraceless's Avatar
    The Pearl 8100 has a 1.3mp camera, the 8110, 8120 and 8130 all
    have 2.0mp cameras, which is the same as the 8330
    10-31-08 04:39 PM
  3. muse126's Avatar
    Different angle?

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    10-31-08 05:01 PM
  4. skyjackal's Avatar
    Which Pearl does she have?
    10-31-08 05:04 PM
  5. jskinvest's Avatar
    She has the Pearl from T mobile. The latest one.

    All the settings and angle of the pictures were the same. But my pictures from my Curve 8330 came out darker and more grainy than hers. I wonder why.
    11-01-08 12:44 PM
  6. beamolite's Avatar
    I owned a Pearl 8100 before and my Curve 8320 takes far better pictures in my opinion.
    11-01-08 12:46 PM
  7. 12MaNy's Avatar
    I've had a Pearl 8130 (which has a 2mp camera) and I currently have a Curve 8330 (which also has a 2mp camera). The Curve takes slightly better pics then the Pearl did. The Curve's pics are slightly less grainy and sharper. I didn't really notice any color difference.
    11-01-08 02:45 PM
  8. Duvi's Avatar
    She probably has the 8120 with wifi. That has a 2.0mp camera.

    Is her device newer than yours? Have you both uploaded it to a PC, the same PC to see if it is the same? On the phone it may be different due to your screen being dirty.

    11-01-08 02:51 PM
  9. 12MaNy's Avatar
    The brightness of your screen could affect the picture quality as well.
    11-01-08 02:54 PM
  10. CojonesDeToro's Avatar
    Clean your lens.

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    11-01-08 07:53 PM
  11. jskinvest's Avatar
    I think I found the problem. I changed my picture size to large from medium. I noticed a big improvement in the picture quality.
    11-02-08 07:41 AM