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    Today I wiped my phone and started fresh cuz it would lose 30% battery in 2 hours when I wasn't doing anything at all. My battery life was terrible.

    Today with it empty I loaded: Bolt, Crackberry launcher and quickpull.

    I previously had:Bolt, quickpull, Crackberry launcher, Hockey news, FML app, Viigo

    With it 100% charged at 5pm I set out to test the battery. Over the span of 6hours 39 minutes and 13 seconds the battery lasted I did: 27 texts. 12bbms. 72 msn messages, 1 email. 3 pictures, 4 times used the Facebook app. 70.8mb downloaded which I considered moderate use for myself. It did not leave my hand or go in the holster the whole time. I was rather impressed with the change in battery life.

    This weekend I plan to let it sit all Saturday with no use (I hope I can hold off the addiction for that long) and see battery life when it isn't in use.

    It got me wondering is that good battery life and what's normal for a pearl 8130 running

    Just thought I'd share

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    09-02-09 10:57 PM
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    My pearl 8100 has horrible battery life. Then again, its really really old.

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    09-03-09 01:06 AM