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    I'm gonna say "mobipocket reader" like a few others have already. Only thing though, is sometimes it wont sync with the blackberry which is hella irritating, so to get over that issue, put whatever pdf file you want into your mobipocket reader on your pc then plug your blackberry in. Select mass storage, then it should say ebooks. open that and find the file that has the .prc file and drag it. There you go, it will now be in your mobipocket reader on your blackberry...

    So simple step by step...

    1. Have mobipocket reader installed on your pc and phone
    2. Drag Pdf into mobipocket reader on your pc
    3. Plug blackberry in and select mass storage
    4. Locate folder that the pdf is in should now be .prc
    5. Drag into Ebook folder on your blackberry
    6. uplug open mobipocket reader on blackberry find the pdf
    7. Enjoy

    - Draz
    04-14-09 10:09 AM
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    docs2go standard come with the 4.5 OS. and is worth upgrading the OS for it. u can use the premium version for 30 days and it usually cost 60$ to buy, but i got an email earlier to get it for 30 or so - totally worth it IMO, at that price. but the PV is only worth it if you format documents with in A LOT. u can get around not being able to create new documents easily enough. .i have bought and used eoffice and within 3 days trashed it. instead of just being about to open a document u have to upload it and then compress it then download it - i dont have time for that. i can handle plugging the thing in and installing it.
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