1. dentynefire's Avatar
    Okay....I remembered a saying today about success and progress being a bumpy road. How true it is!

    I'm not surprised that BBX isn't finished from a technical view, I was lead to believe that it was on schedule by management. They've done a poor job setting and communicating expectations yet again. I mean a day or two before the announcement of the delay they were leaking slides getting everyone excited! Then the rug was pulled out from below!

    We need to accept that success is rarely a straight line, RIM tends to over promise and when BBX is released it will offer some goodies.

    So my message is that we should almost expect these delays since RIM management have made it a public spectacle where it should be done behind closed doors. RIM can survive til 2013 if only barely.
    07-02-12 07:23 PM
  2. ajst222's Avatar
    What if RIM is trying to trick everyone by getting them all let down and BAM!...they release it this month haha but I know that won't happen. The only reason I thought of this is because I had a dream about it and thought it would be awesome.
    07-02-12 07:38 PM