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    Hey Guys.... so prefacing the fact that i am an *****, i would like to move on to my problem:

    I have a Blackberry storm

    I have a password set

    I wanted to install a new OS without removing the password
    (i was in a haste, plus my preface)

    During the install procedure, (specifically at the "waiting for connection with device), i get an error that asks me to re-connect my phone and insert the password if required. But there is no way to insert this password.

    so the installation ends... and eventually my phone ends up with the 507 error.

    so... i have tried, to reload it with a factory setting wipe through cmd; re-install with NoJVM; Apploader; JL_cmder wipe; but nothing seems to bypass this necessity for password requisite.

    so, obviously RIM has done a tooo fine job..... and i'm fvckd.

    anyone better at this than me??????

    pllleaaaaasssssseeee!! ^_^
    10-17-09 04:04 PM
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    Never mind guys..... if it happens to anyone else..... just keep trying.... i did the same thing over and over again 11 times... and it worked. GOD knows why!!
    10-17-09 04:45 PM