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    Been a while since I posted a new thread... feels exciting

    So last weekend, after more than a year and a half of what I would call heavy use and possibly abuse, my Passport stopped charging. Once I had gotten over the initial shock and sent it to get the charging port replaced; I still needed something to use.

    So I went out and grabbed a Q10. Which surprised me, because I had the Z10 before and considered the Z30, but I guess the Passport sold me on the pkb.

    Some thoughts on the experience;

    I would hope this would be helpful for anyone considering the Q10 vs Passport.

    The screen; feels incredibly tiny, especially during the first few hours of use; its almost unbearable. But I think I've more or less adjusted now, the OS sits in nicely and adjusts well for it. I was stressed for a second because I thought I could only get 4 active frames before I realised you could swipe up and down.

    The keyboard; I know it's the one a lot of people prefer, but again it just feels so tiny and 4 rows coming from 3 takes a bit of getting used to. Still making some mistaeks here and there.

    However, and this might just be me, but instantly I felt I could type faster (hitting alt for symbols feels a lot quicker than reaching up to tap it on a virtual screen. I prefer the full physical keyboard rather than the half physical half touch of the passport.
    I would love to play with a Q10 style keyboard but bigger which I know some people have asked for.

    Stability; Coming from a much more powerful phone, I notice the freezing now and then and sometimes small delays when I tap something but it's not as bad as I thought it would be.

    Screen; It's second hand, so I now know what AMOLED pixel burn in means, it's only very noticeable on a white background though, and even then I don't think I notice it much anymore. I kind of get the 'true black' thing people talk about but if you asked me I still prefer LED.

    Battery life; is a little worse than the Passport, but again better than I expected and not surprised given the age of the phone. (plus I have a 20,000mah pack and back up battery's on the way so not bothered.


    I can't tell you how many times I tried to swipe on the keyboard, even when I consciously know it won't do anything it just feels nice.

    I like the lock screen a lot, the way the date and time is displayed feels just right.

    The size of the phone overall feels somewhat... ergonomic (if that makes sense) in my largish hands. Everything feels easily reachable, I appreciate the quick menu a lot more as I can reach all of them with one hand. I say this as someone who's argued that the PP is one-hand friendly (for some at least).

    Thinking about it, this makes me want to try the Classic, but I'm not sure about the access buttons; I would rather have more screen space.

    Overall, I don't miss my Passport as much as I thought I would... still do miss it though, especially for the one or two android apps I use on it (haven't tried with the Q10 as I think this would slow things down to an painful level.)

    So in conclusion... not a bad emergency back-up phone.


    It's also great having a camera that you can rely on
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    I considered one and could have been a gold one for backup. But my att Passport is filling that roll.
    06-16-16 10:10 AM
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    I considered one and could have been a gold one for backup. But my att Passport is filling that roll.
    If I had to use it full time, I would definitely not be happy, but it's a nice experience all the same.

    I have the OG passport myself always wanted to try the others though, still do

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    06-16-16 10:19 AM
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    Some pretty cool observations there. Sorry to hear about the Passport though. Hope it comes back quickly and well repaired.

    ***Can you please edit the OP?***
    A lot of post #1 is duplicated.
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    Yeah I went through pretty much the same experience first when I thought I bricked my Passport and went back to using my Q10. Eventually an autoloader corrected the issue after a week.

    Then to make matters worse a short after bringing my Passport back to life I dropped it and the screen developed several cracks, it still worked fine but glass was so sharp it would cut your finger.

    When I was first forced to use the Q10 again I wondered how did I ever managed with it. Hours later I was back to up to speed and and admired it all over again.

    Hence the Passport has been repaired and I'm still using the Q10 to type this out.

    Passport SQW100-1/, Q10 SQN100-5/ Posted via CB10
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    06-16-16 12:31 PM
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    Some pretty cool observations there. Sorry to hear about the Passport though. Hope it comes back quickly and well repaired.

    ***Can you please edit the OP?***
    A lot of post #1 is duplicated.
    Somehow I ended up with two threads lol, the other one is fine, will fix this one. Thanks

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    Somehow I ended up with two threads lol, the other one is fine, will fix this one. Thanks
    No problem. Threads now merged.

    If something like that ever happens again, just report one of your threads and indicate what happened so someone on the Mod Team can fix it.
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    My Q10 was a cool little phone...it was a natural transition from my 9900 (no classic back then). The only thing I didn't like was the battery slipping so a lot times when I set it down, the phone would restart. A piece of tightly folded paper fixed that. Overall, not much complaints.

    Pimp slappin iGeeks, Droinerds and Windufuses with my big white Z30
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    06-17-16 06:29 PM
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    I appreciated and enjoyed the insight of your comparison. I have a Z10 and have been promising myself to step up to the Passport for a minute now. But always found the Q10 smallish, but loved it's feel and design all the same and offered wondered the similarities it shared with the Q30 design. Well done.

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    06-17-16 06:56 PM
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    Thanks for your insight.

    I tried the Passport and I had to stick with the Q10 myself.

    I needed a phone that fits in my pocket. The Passport was not going to be it.

    I also needed my phone to take a larger battery if needed. The Passport has a fixed in battery that cannot be swapped out. The Q10 can take a 4400mah extended back battery that more than doubles the battery life, and lasts longer than the Passport battery.

    I still think that BlackBerry should have stuck with the 4 row keyboard, even for the Passport. The four row keyboard makes the blind typing easier on the Q10.

    All in all, you can have 2 to 3 BlackBerry Q10s for the price of 1 BlackBerry Passport; and I just do not think it is worth that much.

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    06-18-16 05:57 AM
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    I started using a q10 today. I love the. Formfactor but am a much faster and more accurate Typist on The z30.

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    06-18-16 11:13 PM
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    Started a few years ago with a Q10, changed to Passport when it came out and now for a month or 2, I'm on a Classic. If you like the Q10, you should also try the Classic. I like it more than a Q10.

    CB10 - Classic
    06-18-16 11:45 PM
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    Just an update, got my passport back and WOW, I had to do a double take because my eyes were shocked by the size, it was like I was looking at it for the first time.

    Even holding it in my hands it feels bigger.

    And everything on the os looks different too, I suppose the keyboard will take getting used to again but not for as long as when I first had it.

    This thing really is a beast, and though it's all but a pipe dream, I can't help but feel wanting for a version 2.0 BlackBerry 10 with better specs.

    Maybe one day I can get it custom.

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    07-05-16 06:15 AM

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