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    I have been on the phone with Verizon and RIM numerous times over the last couple of months trying to figure out a solution to an issue I am having with one user. I have two users that have two email accounts. Both of these users need both of these accounts to push mail to their BB. One of them works perfectly. He gets the Exchange email through the redirector, and the POP mail (which is hosted on a crappy little server external from our site) through BB Internet mail. The other user, however, only gets his Exchange email and SOME of his POP email. He receives ~200 emails a day through Outlook, but only gets about 10-12 pushed up to his BB.

    RIM has suggested a ton of non-working ideas, including exchanging out the phone (an 8330 WP). We received the phone yesterday and I proceeded to get email setup. Right away, he received two emails in Outlook and the same emails into his BB. After that though ... nothing. I spoke to RIM and they had me re-do his Outlook settings to hold emails for one day (I thought this unusual as the user that works is not setup this way). Well, right away, he started receiving emails onto his BB and Outlook almost simultaneously. I told him that we would check the counts in the morning and see if everything still matched.

    When he arrived this morning he told me that he had received 6 emails on his BB over night. He opened Outlook to find 14 emails in Outlook. So, we are now at a retrieval rate of about 45%. Still not acceptable, but definitely better.

    I am stuck. I have no idea what to do at this point. I am having no issues with any other BB in this office except for this one issue with one user. My thought this morning was to maybe have this email arrive into his Exchange inbox and then just have it redirected to his BB. Would this work? Is it possible to have that email forwarded at the webserver level to arrive in through Exchange? Or could I just have those messages delivered to his Inbox? Is the redirector looking at the actual Exchange Store, or is looking at his Outlook?

    I would love to get this fixed today. Hopefully one of you gurus has the mojo this morning to get me up and running!

    Thanx in advance guys ... and girls!
    02-18-09 10:59 AM