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    Interesting read... RIM is still on top of things!

    Bloomberg.com: U.S.
    10-02-07 09:59 AM
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    Palm used to be great, now its old and out of date. I wonder what old ***** is running that company. Changing designs doesnt do anything for users. Do something with the software and os already.
    10-02-07 04:06 PM
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    As a LONGTIME PALMos (POS) advocate. I can give first hands on the Palm Life.
    Back in the day before I had my palm it was a awesome OS (geeky, hacky, fun to tweak). I then had a Handspring Visor which I then added the Visorphone and Wallah.. The first Smartphone was born. Since then Palm got bought out, re-org'd and did this that etc along the way. They since them formed the Treo series which was pretty dam good. Up until the Release of the 700p and boy did botch it bigtime. I dont want to over flame-bait. But to boil it down. They aren't innovating anymore. They aren't making any products that really shine out there. They're making way more Windows Mobile devices than Palm. I sorta do see them eventually not making anything PalmOS related. They are working on their LinuxOS devices but I fear that'll be too little too late. Every time they make a new phone they seem to just patch the phone Software more than introduce something new. They haven't added GPS, WiFi, Push-Email, BT2.0, Stability, you name it. While everyone else is running away with updated features, new fresh Ideas, newer patches to their OS, faster processors. Palm to me seems like its stalled in the highway while everyone else is doing 55Mph. Even the IPhone took off doing 0 to 60 in 1 month and this is their first generation of a IPhone. I can only imagine what the 3rd, 4th generation will bring. Time will tell.

    I know this first hand because I've been a longtime Palm user since the Visorphone. I got fed up with the instability of my 700P and Palm's ineptness in software design and product testing. They released a fix that broke data and they just fixed it (took 2 months). I finally got fed up and here I am in Blackberry-land.

    Frankly unless they can Pack EVERYTHING in a new phone and have it stable and be the 'Ultimate' phone they are doomed. They estimate they are 18 months away from their 1st Gen Linux Phone. Either they get it right or they will be a Windows Mobile House and the PalmOS platform will be a thing of the past.

    And I hate to say it but looking at the Stock alone kinda tells you who's doing it right.

    This just in....
    Palm's Ed Colligan confirms: no new Palm OS till end of 2008 - Engadget

    Palm admits new OS 18 months away | The Register
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    Amen brotha.
    10-03-07 01:23 PM
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    Very well stated! I am a former owner of the Treo 650 and recently sold it on Ebay because the techmology was just so old and the phone is a brick compared to the Curve. I am a noob to the world of the crackberry, I own the Curve and it flat out blows the Treo away.
    10-04-07 09:44 AM
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    I'm not surprised. RIM has THE best product, hands down! I'm surprised people are still using other forms of communication. Lol

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    10-04-07 05:39 PM
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    Amen. I have a T700wx currently (worst POS I've ever had) and hate Winblowz(R) Mobile anything - excellent example of continued MS Bloatware. Plus the Treo Brick(R) form factor is two years past being inexcuseable. Can't wait to get a new 8310 this week when they hit the stores and quit worrying about 8 hours of STANDBY(yes, I made two calls today and had 20-25 emails hit the phone) battery life from that battery ***** of an operating system which randomly freezes, resets, etc. almost everyday.
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    10-09-07 09:04 PM
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    Palm doesn't even make their own hardware anymore, they sub though HTC to do it for them. So, the old garnet os is the only thing they actually make themselves. The brand is dying folks.
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    10-13-07 08:58 PM
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    All the previous comments are right on. I just switched back to BB from my Treo 680. I was a long time Palm user when we got BES in 2000 at my previous gig. The 950 couldn't hold a candle to the Sony Clie and the Palm VIIx I had.

    Now, seven years later, it's the opposite. I tried upgrading to a Treo 750 and was very unhappy with WM5 and WM6. Went back to my 680 and struggled with Exchange push. Since I am supporting a BES environment again, I figured I would see where RIM devices are compared to the other Smartphones. Boy, has RIM made strides!

    I have an 8820 now. Rock solid, outstanding battery life (3+ days with heavy email and phone, Wi-fi and BT always on, web surfing an hour per day), and all the third party sw I use is available (diet/exercise tracking, weather, pw keeper, ereader, reference materials, etc). My only complaint is the kb, which a Curve would have solved.

    The Treos could be market leaders, if Palm so desired. Maybe they have that "perfect device" in development, but I doubt it. :-(

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    10-15-07 07:59 AM
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    I only had a Palm Pilot. I never had the Treo.

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    11-04-07 04:08 PM