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    I had the Ford bluetooth system, (Mobile-Ease), installed in my Escape Hybrid. It started synching fine with my 8830 World Phone from Verizon. Initially, I had to pair it with the car device every time I started the car, or if a call came in to the phone before I had paired it, the car and phone would pair automatically after the first call was completed. Then, as if by magic, the phone and car started pairing automatically every time the car started for about two months. I was a happy camper. Then, again by magic, it once again required me to pair the phone every time the car started. This lasted for about a week. Now I can't get it to pair under any circumstances.

    Has anyone else had this problem? Anything that I might be doing wrong?

    One dealer said that BB's were not designed for bluetooth connections in cars because they were vulnerable to data theft if a hacker was in a nearby car with the gear to invade the connection. (I thought that was a load of crap.)

    I am really frustrated and need help.
    11-18-08 01:08 PM