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    just wanted to know how did pagers work..i have just seen pics of it.

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    06-26-12 01:35 AM
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    Pagers were these magical devices with a 7 digit (10 if you include area code) number attached to them. You paid a monthly rate and people could then call the number and the pager would beep to let you know someone was looking for you. then you would go and find some quarters, find a payphone and call the number back that appeared on your screen. Its a little bit more complex than that, but that's the gist of it.
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    06-26-12 02:33 AM
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    This page might be more helpful...
    HowStuffWorks "What is a Pager?"
    06-26-12 02:36 AM
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    Back in the days of pagers RIM sold a two way pager. The device could send and recieve alphanumeric pages, this was huge when most pagers were only numerical. This pager was as thick as two phones had a physical keyboard and a very low resolution screen. A friend had one and he was the envy of all!
    06-26-12 05:14 AM
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    Um. I still carry a pager. It works where cell phones dont
    06-26-12 05:18 AM
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    Pagers are still in use all over the place - hospital I work at has well into the 1000s.
    06-26-12 07:16 AM