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    Hey all!

    First of all, many apologies if this has landed up in the wrong section: I was very loathe to put it in the 8800 thread (as this is the BB I use) and didn't think it fitted the 3rd party applications section well due to the nature of the issue.

    I've got a rather irksome issue on my hands which I dont think has a quick fix but I thought I had put it out there to see if any of you have come across this problem before, and subsequently been able to find a work around or possible solution.

    Basically, a new company I've joined use Exchange 2007 and their OWA works on a non-standard principle; instead of following a default "https://<domain>/owa/<mailbox>" (which the BB looks for) and alerting for authentication, it drops you to a seperate log on page which then requires authentication via embedded fields.

    The company is not willing to go down the route of getting a BES (as I am part of a minority who are requesting this) and of course the BB doesn't recognise the address and is unable to resolve what its seeing.

    Does anyone have any ideas or possible solutions to this matter?
    10-14-08 08:01 AM
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    Are you trying to access your email by going to the browser and putting in your https://mail.blah.com OWA address?

    Try looking for the icon that says either "Setup Wizard" or "Setup Personal Email" and when asked for the server name, just use the mail.blah.com
    10-14-08 10:58 AM
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    Sorry, I should have established that in my opening post, Im using the setup wizard. Going by the browser works ok.
    10-14-08 01:23 PM
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    Using the Setup Wizard connects using the BIS account and auth fetches the Exchange settings.. if there's a separate auth page, there's nothing that can be done...
    10-14-08 01:42 PM
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    if there's a separate auth page, there's nothing that can be done...
    Aye, that was the initial problem I was highlighting.

    EDIT: I have heard of one work around that involves setting up a linux box to fetch the mail and push it to the BB (using IMAP I believe), anyone have more info on this?
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    10-14-08 01:51 PM